I am a maker, an animal lover, a fan girl, a tree hugger, a binge watcher, a hands on person, a music snob, a foodie, an adventurer, a feminist, an extrovert and an old soul.


I care deeply about the environment. The Bees, glaciers, deforestation, pollution and climate change. I spend lots of my free time knee deep in my garden growing my own heirloom tomatoes, other foods and pollinator friendly plants. I am probably the only teenager you will meet who enjoys being covered in compost but I personally just find it so fascinating! (that might explain why I buy a fresh pound of red wiggles every spring) composting is the most basic form of recycling. My long term goal is to become zero waste.


I am passionate about all things baking (and soups). I am unlike your average baker however in the fact that I absolutely HATE cupcakes.. I don’t like eating them, I don’t like baking them, I don’t like feeding them to people. Instead I make scones and biscuits. I love the cloudy consistency and the crunchy exterior of scones. I love that they are so diverse and can be so many different flavours. The make great snacks, great on the go breakfasts and as I’m sure most of you know.. they pair amazingly with tea!


I love learning and will jump at any chance to get my hands dirty. I love working with wood. Since grade ten shop class all I want to do is build things. I’ve made a porch swing, a muskoka chair and a folding table! I also love using the scraps from my large projects to make signs!


I enjoy spending my free time going on bike rides and hikes and photographing all things nature. I especially love taking pictures of mushrooms. I am the proud owner of two cats and two rabbits who make fantastic models for my photography. I am fascinated by all the different things you can do with a camera.